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Announcing the launch of Dôme Hospitality!

Nowadays everybody expects to have personalized services, should it be in private life or professional life.

To launch a new hotel, to develop a unique dining concept, to bring a franchise into a new country, to restructure an existing business in order to match the current situation are so very diversified cases, but each case is unique and therefore requires specific as well as tailor made solutions.

We, at Dôme Hospitality have the resources to supply each one of these cases with the appropriate individuals who will make the mission a success.

We understand and we are aware of the global trends but having offices in several parts of the world, we also know how to adapt to the specific local environment.

We, at Dôme Hospitality don’t limit ourselves as far as projects / missions are concerned. There is no small nor big project, there is only a unique project that we will consider with the same level of professionalism, but also Passion – Excellence – Vision – Creativity!

We have launched Dôme Hospitality in a crisis period, when more than ever the Hospitality, F&B, Entertainment, Leisure industries will need the highest level of professionalism to undertake any projects.

Eric Baumgartner & Denis Sorin the 2 founders have both an unusual career path to match an unusual worldwide situation.


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