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Dôme Hospitality has a long tradition of partnership with a wide range of hospitality and F&B operators willing to develop, manage or (re)structure their concepts and operations.   

We help them execute from the simplest to the most sophisticated tasks to achieve their strategic ambitions.


Hotels - F&B companies


Cruises – Yacht - Jet

We help hotels, resorts and F&B companies’ operations to get to a level of excellence.

Leveraging on the strengths of the operators, we ensure resources are used optimally.

How we can assist :
•    Developing and implementing marketing and sales programs, including revenue management
•    Operational management of the hotel, resort or company, including improvements in service quality results
•    Improving the image and reputation of the hotel, resort or company
•    Training, etc.

Private investors

We provide seasoned professionals' advice to private individuals, family offices and funds willing to invest the hospitality and F&B industries.

How we can assist

•    Forecasting project profitability
•    Defining the right concept
•    Determining the appropriate target
•    Developing business strategies
•    Running the project optimally
•    Recruit the best to manage operations

Real estate

Real estate developers

International corporations

We work directly with organizations and companies to develop, manage or reshape their own projects. 

On behalf of owners, our role can extend to manage the entire development process - from initial concept to operations kickoff, management and even restructuring and reorganizing.

How we can help:
•    Oversee the preparation of development program and concept plan(s)
•    Analyzing markets/needs/demands
•    Prepare marketing materials and coordinate marketing
•    Assist with organizing property management
•    Restructure operations




State agencies 

We support foundations and state agencies in their hospitality and F&B related-projects.

Our services include:

  • Forecasting project profitability

  • Defining a unique concept

  • Determining the appropriate target

  • Developing business strategies

  • Running the project optimally


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