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Cieling circulaire

Why Dome?


A dome is at the top of an architecture masterpiece, overlooks the city and can be seen for several kilometers around.

We always look at the big picture; our goal is to develop strategies to make your business grow and reach the top.

A dome is an art masterpiece in itself: many of them have been decorated by famous artists, painters. 

We deliver tailor made solutions and services, because each client is unique.


A dome represents a sense of excellence where several skills have been put together to achieve a remarkable work.

Our expertise paired with our extensive international professional network in all related fields of activities execute both the simplest as well as the most sophisticated tasks.

Domes have a long architectural lineage and is still used in today’s architecture.

We keep in mind the traditional basics, roots of the business but we can create what doesn’t exist yet.


Domes can be found all around the world - they have been found from early Mesopotamia, which may explain the form's spread.

We are true successful seasoned hospitality executives with an impressive background working for the most prestigious names, at the highest positions in a great number of countries from Europe to the Americas, from Africa to the Middle East and Asia. 

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