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NEVER WASTE A GOOD CRISIS - the first edition "Location - Location - Location".

This first edition focuses on a key element, the secret to success mentioned by Sir Hilton himself: THE LOCATION

Your location is key

We are aware not all businesses have the luxury of being situated in a prime location.

It is for that reason that we aim to share our advice with you to improve your business and make the best of what you've got.

Part of the advice might seem obvious to some, but many overlook the essentials that make other businesses thrive.


Conduct your observations on different hours both in day time and night time, on week-days and week-ends.

Simply by walking around your premises and observing how people interact with your business. Pay attention to the traffic, you might be able to analyze the crowd's behavior and spot various insights which will aid your business strategy.

Observing a lack of glances or attention towards your business could mean your facade lacks appeal. This should entice you to make changes, as appeal is the first step to attracting clients.

Not convinced yet by what Dôme Hospitality can bring to you? Let's take a look into a real life case where, thanks to our intervention, our client revenues skyrocketed.

A good business facade is a MUST

Case study

One of our clients had taken over a small boutique hotel & restaurant. During the first year, they spent loads of money trying to increase sales. Their investment included advertising, hiring a skilled chef, and interior renovations. Despite this investment their revenues have not lived up to their expectations.


Make sure your facade has the right lighting matching the concept and your brand's identity. The same applies for the indoor. Again, observation will be key to analyzing whether your outdoor and indoor lighting matches your concept.


You should have an illuminated signage featuring your business name and your logo. Your signage has to look clean, and be consistent with your brand's identity. Think about an eye-catching & readable signage to be noticed from a certain distance.


Another important point : an easy to access parking for motorbikes and cars

Keep in mind that more people in Vietnam own a car, if your location does not have access to a large enough parking, try renting external parking slots nearby. It would be even better if you could offer a valet parking service, a nice added-value that can boost your revenue. Simply make sure your parking facilities don’t get in the way of your business.


One last little advice: if your hotel is located in the city center, the pollution and dust will make your facade and signage dirty. Don't forget to conduct regular cleaning.


"Never Waste a Good Crisis" is a special series prepared by Dôme Hospitality to help F&B and hospitality professionals anticipate the post-covid period in the most efficient way.


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