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NEVER WASTE A GOOD CRISIS - the fourth edition "Human resources".


Hospitality relies on human interactions. Human Resources are certainly the most important business resource for Hospitality – F&B.

Your staff is the brand’s ambassador, commercial force, but also represent the brand’s image and the company’s reputation.


Some researches demonstrated that when a new employee joins a company, his/her motivation and excitement is high.

The most challenging part for a business owner is to keep that motivation at the highest level in order to generate good performances and to deliver the best service to the clients. Usually, after 6 to 9 months of employment, the staff motivation starts decreasing little by little, this is basic a human factor.

Consequently, it is important to regularly have a one-on-one conversation in order to understand your staff better. Then, the company would be able to think about a plan to improve the working environment and the staff well-being. After one year of employment, the employees must know about their development plan and the professional evolution for the upcoming year.

Instead of quickly cutting labor costs, a business owner should find solutions to increase sales and new revenue sources. Nothing's better than involving your team in this kind of brainstorming because they are your ambassador, your commercial force and they could bring revenue via their own network as well as communicating about the business on their social medias.

Human resources is your best asset

Case study

We worked on developing and implementing a comprehensive Human Resources program for a regional hotel group owning 9 properties. HR are not an expense nor a cost but an investment from which the company can expect a return. A development plan with new operations to come is necessary. It will be more productive to promote some of the current staff than making external recruitment, unless it is a new launched or if the company needs specific skills and expertise.


Conducting a good recruitment is paramount and certainly one of the keys to success! Certainly, hiring someone skilled is important, however, you also need a person who fits into the team spirit. Just like in football, beyond the skills, you must ensure that each “star” will enhance the team spirit.

It is useless to invest in location, interior design, professional equipment, sales & marketing, and advertisement if you don’t have a good & strong team!


All your new staff must have and know the integration plan. For instance, what will be the steps during the first months, which knowledge he/she should acquire, what are the expectations and what he/she could expect in return from the company.


Take advantage of having less customers and having more time to train your staff. Your team will be able to reinforce or even learn new skills, in order to ensure customer satisfaction, create loyalty, and even increase the average spending.

Weekly or monthly staff competition program could be applied with some challenges to boost sales and rewards the best sellers.


Like everybody, staff must be recognized for what they do well. Employees evaluation and recognition are needed to see the improvement trend. There are 2 ways of recognizing staff: as a team and as a individual, because a good team is made of all these individual talents!


After reading all these steps, you can imagine that human resources are an investment that every business owner wants to have a return on. Consequently, every smart company should have a retention plan to keep your best assets. You will build customer loyalty by building staff loyalty. If you don’t have a comprehensive human resources management plan, you put your business in danger.


"Never Waste a Good Crisis" is a special series prepared by Dôme Hospitality to help F&B and hospitality professionals anticipate the post-covid period in the most efficient way.


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