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NEVER WASTE A GOOD CRISIS - the second edition "Product - Product - Product".

Our second topic for a successful reopening after lockdown is about FOOD & BEVERAGE PRODUCTS.

This Covid crisis has changed habits as well as reinforced existing trends. More and more of your clients will care about eating regionally grown food as well as organic products: fruits and vegetables, juices, but also wine.

Nowadays, people care about supporting local farmers, protecting the environment and being aware of the origin of food. These aspects should be taken into account for your sales & marketing strategy.

Here are some winning tips in order to attract and retain your clients:


A menu is not only representative of your brand but it is more also a key selling tool for your restaurant. An attractive, well-designed menu always makes an exciting start to customer's dining experience.

Beside a well-structured menu, the menu's appearance should be prioritized as well. Some additional notes about ingredients and health are a bonus also to show your care towards customers.

Becoming aware of the importance of a well-designed attractive menu could be a vital step in attracting customers and generating more revenue, so give it the time and effort it deserves.

The most important is menu engineering!

Case study

One of our clients asked us why his wine sales were not high even though he had access to clients who could afford to buy expensive wine?


Should you have a restaurant or a hotel with a piece of land? In order to grow your own organic vegetables, herbs and fruits which can show your care in using good quality local products. Mixed planting by seasonal ingredients can bring flavorful products as well as reduce costs.

Raw product retailing is also a good channel since customers don't go to the restaurant everyday. It can also generate high food consumption which could bring you better purchasing prices while negotiating with your suppliers.


Food tasting and cooking classes are part of highlighting your products’ origins as well as satisfying the customer’s curiosity. Thus, the self-experienced activities like cooking classes are an efficient add-on service which could be built-in the birthday party package. Beside , kids are “the great influencers” who drive their parents loyalty to a restaurant, so the more interesting food or activity we have, the more loyal customers we gain.


This point emphasizes not only the quality of the food but also the health benefit to customers.

The good products deliver many kind of vitamins and minerals which enrich the immune system especially important in this Covid crisis. Leave some notes to explain about ingredients' benefits, it could be an interesting part to get customers word-of -mouth promoting.


Organic wine is becoming more common by the day, implementing them in your beverage list could be a good strategy. The wine menu also needs a well-structured list with organic and non-organic categories. This way, it will attract customers even if they have never been to your restaurant .

Let’s open a short chapter about wine!


"Never Waste a Good Crisis" is a special series prepared by Dôme Hospitality to help F&B and hospitality professionals anticipate the post-covid period in the most efficient way.


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